A quality telesales script will help you increase your odds of speaking with the decision maker, landing appointments and closing sales.  Getting the decision maker on the phone is tough; gatekeepers, other callers, time of day, time zones ALL play a major part in successfully reaching a decision maker and landing an appointment, call to action or simple YES!  Here are 5 components to a successful telesales script:

Opening Statement:

The opening statement will set the caller apart from the other representatives calling into the business. It is designed to get the gatekeeper to forward your call to the decision maker.

“I would like to speak with the Architect or Business Manager about a service that adds revenue to the firm.”

Gatekeeper Rebuttal Response:

Gatekeepers are trained to perform traffic control, switchboard traffic, that is! Their goal is to minimize what they view as interruptions.  With that, they are very important people within the organization and should be treated kindly and with respect.  With that, often it is necessary to work with them and respond in an unaggressive manner.

      Gate Keeper: “Is this a sales call?” [No I am calling to discuss an opportunity to  partner]

Your 30 Second Pitch:

The 30 second pitch should address 3 problems/pain points the organization is having and how your product, service or meeting with you can address them.  Your pitch may also identify 3 benefits to working with your organization and/or purchasing your product or service.

“Hi Mr/Mrs._______  I’m with XYZ Homes Inc. & like your other preferred contractors, we provide quality homebuilding & remodeling services on time, every time.  Along with this, we offer a 6% referral fee to our partners.” 

Attention Question:

The attention question providers a question to utilize when the decision maker gets on the phone.  This gets the decision maker listening to you.  Questions cause people to stop, think and process as they are prompted to exchange in a meaningful way.

“Besides these benefits, along with being licensed & bonded, what is required to become part of your preferred list of General Contractors & Subs?”

Close for the Sale/Meeting:

ABC Always Be Closing, a mantra of sales.  Once you’ve done this great work….ASK FOR THE BUSINESS!


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